Policy on Prevention of Money Laundering (AML) and Terrorist Financing (CFT)

Last Update: Aug 27, 2023

General Informations

The Policy on Prevention of Money Laundering and/or Terrorist Financing (the Policy) of MN IT Services LLC (company identification number: 2560 LLC 2022) (hereinafter the Company or MN IT Services LLC) establishes rules that must be adhered to by the Company in order to properly manage risks of money laundering and/or terrorist financing. The Policy intends to establish the following:

  • Governance in relation to management of ML/TF risks;
  • Principles regarding assessment of business-wide ML/TF risks to which the Company is exposed;
  • Principles, rules and responsibilities and processes to identify, manage and control ML/TF risks within the Company;
  • Requirements regarding identifying the Client and the beneficiary;
  • Requirements regarding assessment of the Clients’ risk;
  • Requirements regarding performance of ODD, including, but not limited to, monitoring of Clients’ transactions;
  • Principles regarding identification of suspicious transactions;
  • Requirements regarding maintenance of registration logs;
  • Requirements regarding storage of information;
  • Requirement regarding staff training; and
  • Principles regarding internal control.


For further information regarding the policy on prevention of money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing (CFT), please get in touch with the Legal team of MN IT Services LLC: legal@LOCK.space